Hangul consists of 40 letters. It has 21 vowels and 19 consonants; among these 40 letters, 24 are the basic letters while the other 16 are compounds formed from the basic letters.

    When you write a vowel which does not have syllable consonant, you must write the consonant 'し'. In this case, 'し' is a null consonant which merely indicates the absence of a syllable-initial consonant.
      Simple vowel   た,っ,で,ぬ,ぱ,び,だ,つ
      Diphthongs   ち,づ,に,ば,て,ぢ,と,ど,ね,の,な,は,ひ

    In Korean, the consonant is always pronounced in combination with a vowel. However, each consonant has its own name. There are some examples to present consonant sounds.
      Plain consonants   ぁ,い,ぇ,ぉ,け,げ,さ,し,じ  
      Aspirated consonants   せ,ぜ,そ,ず,ぞ  
      Glottalized consonants   あ,え,こ,ざ,す